Alaqsa Society

Two countries are one, and two nations are one, they are tied with great bond and undisputed relations,

committed to each other with one belief and under the flag of Islam.

They are brothers, one body, glorifying the sanctity of Jerusalem, their cause and pain are the same, they’re the nation of righteousness and wisdom, magnanimity and reinforcement, likewise,  Palestinian people are the nation of  steadfastness.

That was the core and the starting point

for the first seed of  establishing Alaqsa Society, the local society to aid the Palestine cause, collecting subsidies from this generous nation, to their brothers in Palestine, from 56 offices and  branches all over the republic of Yemen.

Quarter of a century of bestowment

Quarter of a century of hardworking for the Palestine cause, the land and the humankind, where Alaqsa Society became Yemen’s best ambassador in Palestine, expanding to the Palestinians abroad scattered in shelters.

Making sure that Alaqsa Society is available all over Palestine, presenting projects that cover the needs of humanitarian, establishing health centers in Gaza and other one in West Bank, while in  Jerusalem holding up Albiariq project, and doing seminars of Quran study throughout Alaqsa’s territories, and providing aids for orphans in general, Providing services projects to the displaced out of the occupied territory in Jordon and Lebanon camps.